To secure our services, kindly pay an advance of 5K from the total photography fee. Date reservation requires contract and advance payment. The remaining fee can be paid in 2 installments. Final 5K due upon album/video delivery. Failure to pay may result in Agreement termination.


"If the client cancels before the wedding, the booking amount is non-refundable. Notify us in writing, email, or WhatsApp. The deposit can apply to future events if informed 60 days prior."


If you decide to change your wedding date and we can book the original date with someone else, you'll get credit for the payments you've made. A new contract might be needed, and the pricing will match the new date's rates. If we can't book the original date, you'll lose the deposit but receive credit for other payments. You can use the credit for wedding coverage within a year if I'm available.


If the photographer or their agent can't fulfil their duties due to reasons like fire, illness, or technical issues, and a replacement isn't possible, the money minus expenses will be refunded, and the photographer won't be held responsible for any further issues. This also covers photo & video loss/damage or delivery failures.


Once you receive the photos and videos, it's your responsibility to keep them safe. We don't store files permanently. If shared online, they're on the cloud for 5 days. We can't control future tech changes, so make sure to transfer files as needed.


Unless agreed upon in advance, we'll be the exclusive photographers for the event. One assistant may be accompany with us. While guests can take photos, it's the client's responsibility to prevent interference with our work. We're not liable for compromised coverage due to factors beyond our control, like other cameras or flash, delays of the bride, groom, family members, weather, or venue restrictions. Backgrounds and lighting conditions are not under our control.


The photographer will cover the dates, locations, and hours mentioned in this Agreement. Any extra travel or hours will be agreed upon and paid before delivering photos/products.


Once you receive all your photos, choose your favourites within 30 days for the album. After that, we begin crafting your video and album, usually taking less than 45 days. Remember, we provide only the agreed-upon products. Unfortunately, we can't accommodate extra requests. If you'd like additional items, payment is required before delivery. Please note, home delivery is not guaranteed.


You can select songs and soundtracks for HD videos. You have to have to give us song selection list between 15 days after reception. Otherwise we will edit video with our selected song list. Once video created, no other changes can be made.

By signing (draw your signature) below I certify that I am at least 18 years of age. I have read this portrait agreement/waiver/contract and fully understand the contents thereof. I agree that I have the legal authority to grant these permissions and accept all responsibility for such.